MFJN Community Agreements

We know first-hand how important this work is and we hear endless stories about the burnout that everyone is experiencing; this is why Metro Food Justice Network is about changing how we collaborate and how we are transforming our food system. We want to foster this transition by supporting local communities in building their capacity to facilitate cross-sector collaboration and system change more effectively. We believe this will lead to more sustainable and impactful food system change and is the heart and soul of our work.

Our intention is to change the current system and its output. By getting the diversity of the system in the same room and shifting the social context (relationships, power dynamics, and mental models), we create the experience of an alternative culture of collaboration that is more inspiring and effective in collaborating towards equity and food security. These are the shifts in the social context and experience we aim to keep alive in every step of the process. Below you will find our MFJN Community Agreements, these values were adopted by Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) and recreated by the MFJN Leadership Team as a guiding principle for the work.

Together they represent the spirit of love, trust, and the quality of collaboration present in the transformative initiatives within our network.

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